Where Taurasi is born

Irpinia, with three oenological DOCGs, of which that of Taurasi, produced from Aglianico grapes, is the first DOCG of Southern Italy, represents a casus in southern enology, with an Aglianico breeding area, located essentially on the hills overlooking the path of the Calore river, which includes seventeen municipalities, including Montemarano. It is one of the most characteristic areas of the land of Irpinia, where, through paths traced over the centuries, places of history, art, faith and nature that tell the long and glorious past of a land still rich today. From castles, to sanctuaries, to archaeological excavations, up to the naturalistic itineraries, the territory offers numerous elements of attraction that find their highest fulfillment in the masterpieces of taste produced following ancient methods and remained unchanged for centuries. Strongly rooted is the agricultural and pastoral tradition, which is still expressed in excellent productions. Over the centuries, the knowledge acquired through experience has reached the current generations intact, who continue to invest in these places, strong in the idea of ​​not losing the precious heritage of knowledge. This is particularly true for viticulture, which sees the winemakers of the municipalities of the area tenaciously renewing the vines and acquiring increasingly specific skills, poured into a wine production that receives certifications and awards for the quality and strong characterization of the wines. Aglianico, the basis of the precious Taurasi, a robust vine that has resisted numerous migrations, thanks to the ability to adapt every time and give the best of itself in different places, becomes the symbol of the multifaceted offer of the territory, as well as the opportunity to open 'external.

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