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Telling Salvatore Molettieri and his company is to rediscover the thread and the sense of a territorial identity that is constantly kept alive and slowly ripens full-bodied fruits. Like Aglianico, this vine has now entered the enological legend of Campania, from whose grapes Salvatore obtains wines which, according to experts, rightly aspire to become a benchmark for the reds of Irpinia.
Our History

A success lasting thirty years

The Salvatore Molettieri winery was founded in 1983, giving entrepreneurial dignity to a long farming experience and a winemaking tradition that dates back at least four generations. From that year on, Salvatore, owner of the company, chose to no longer sell his grapes to third parties and to start producing the wine he sells in bulk. This first production obtained important successes already on the occasion of the Wine Festival of Montemarano, its country of origin, ranking first in the years 1985-1986-1987-1988. In that year Salvatore also included the bottling process in his business, giving life to the Taurasi DOC Riserva 1988. A long work in the ancient family vineyards and thirty years of business experience have implemented the knowledge of Salvatore, winemaker in the field and producer in the cellar, leading the company to occupy a prominent position on the national and international wine market. Since 1983 the company has evolved considerably, while retaining the original identity of a farm intact which is also maintained in the cultivation of about two hectares of olive groves where different cultivars (frantoiana, leccina, ravece) are bred for the production of an oil blend for family consumption.

Our History

The Roots

Aglianico is the great protagonist of the Irpinia area, a vine that interprets soils and microclimates making wines with great personality. The roots of the Salvatore Molettieri company are deeply rooted in the Montemarano area, traditionally dedicated to Aglianico breeding and fully included among the 17 Irpinia municipalities that describe the Taurasi DOCG area. Farmers always, the Molettieri, when they toyed with the idea of implementing small wine production intended for family consumption by becoming winegrowers, they did so immediately putting to good use their experience, the deep knowledge of the characteristics of the soil, the ability to look far and the will to work for the best. No empirical experiments, no imported vines. The vine historically linked to the Montemaranese territory was Aglianico, and Salvatore Molettieri's great-great-grandfathers set out from it to cut the ribbon for the beginning of a business destined, within just four generations, to become the fulcrum of family life. Salvatore, who today binds his name to the company brand now recognized in Italy and in the world, has followed the footsteps of his grandfather and father since childhood, from whom he learned atavistic secrets and skills consolidated by a long tradition, refining them thanks to the gift of a intuition and an ability to read the territory out of the ordinary. In a few years, he brought the vines to levels of quality such as to make the wine produced the greatest ambassador of the Taurasi di Montemarano, transmitting to his children, one of whom is an enologist, the will to maintain a family and territorial identity.
Our History

Family: a tradition that is renewed

Salvatore is flanked by his four sons, Giovanni, Giuseppe, Luigi and Paolo, in the management and management of the company, and the discreet and collaborative presence of Mrs. Angela, guardian of family traditions, especially in the kitchen. Taking advantage of the specialist advice of his son Giovanni, an oenologist, Salvatore Molettieri can say with satisfaction that he has reached the goal he had set himself: bringing the name of Montemarano outside the borders of Irpinia, tying it to a high quality production appreciated by connoisseurs and experts of the sector.

Our History

Philosophy: care and love for the land

Quality is the word that defines the company philosophy, and at the same time represents the goal the company aims at, also making it its distinctive character. Lower quantity of grapes produced for the benefit of a high quality, which Salvatore and his four sons are never satisfied with. The careful care of the vines, with the continuous improvement of the breeding techniques, a usually late harvest, as in the best Irpinia tradition of the production of Taurasi, still carried out manually using harvesting boxes, are flanked by modern winemaking techniques such as crushing and destemming soft and the use of cutting-edge technologies such as maceration in steel tanks at a controlled temperature. Strict controls aimed at maintaining high quality standards are carried out on all stages of production and aging.

Our History

Montemarano vineyards

There are over 13 hectares of land kept as vineyards, lying at about 500/600 m. on the hills of Montemarano, one of the towns belonging to the Taurasi DOCG area. The territory is particularly suited to viticulture, allowing the production of Irpinia DOC Aglianico and Irpinia DOC Campi Taurasini, Irpinia DOC Rosso, Taurasi and Taurasi Riserva DOCG, and the whites Fiano DOCG and Greco di Tufo DOCG. Located in the Iampenne district, the “Cinque Querce” vineyard reached 20 years of DOCG harvest in 2012, and boasts a selection of Aglianico vines, some of which also date back to the pre-phylloxera period and still ungrafted. From the radial system, we moved on to spurred cordon and modified guyot breeding, renewing the system layouts to make the production qualitatively better. The company also owns the “Ischa Piana” vineyard, intended for the production of Irpinia DOC Rosso. “Renonno” has been producing Aglianico grapes for over 70 years, and the replanting that took place partly 5 years ago and partly still today contemplates the renewal of the vineyard through the use of cuttings from old vines, some of which are still ungrafted.

Our History

In the world: from Montemarano to Japan

On the regional and Italian market, the Salvatore Molettieri winery is now very well positioned and its labels evoke full-bodied, savory, well-balanced wines, with vintages reaching peaks of excellence. It is present in the wines chosen by the Enoteca d’Italia in Siena. The international market has also appreciated and continues to request Salvatore Molettieri’s Irpinia wines, with significant presences in the USA, Japan, England, flanked by Russia, China, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Australia.

Our Company

The Vinery

Our Family

From father to son, tradition and innovation.


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