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Wine is in itself tradition and culture of the territory in which it is born, expressing the peculiarities that distinguish not only the places from which it originates, but also the people who with dedication and great inventiveness are able to transform grapes into fine drinks. Salvatore Molettieri’s wines tell this story: the changes in the soil, the climatic changes and the shrewd response that work in the cellar can give them. Each vintage is different from the others, unmistakable in its uniqueness, the result of love for the land and its fruits and the all-peasant patience that has always represented Salvatore Molettieri’s working method. There is no place for approval, Salvatore Molettieri’s reds know how to surprise every year and each time give those who taste them a different aspect of the land in which they come to life.

Surprises that even whites do not fail to give.

Our Wines


Salvatore Molettieri offers a selection of the finest wines produced by the winery in Montemarano, choosing them from those that have obtained the highest praise nationally and internationally.
A wine is not just a drink, but a living creature that tells stories of land and work through the senses. Good wine speaks through its colors, aromas, scents, taste and flavor capable of giving unrepeatable sensations. The wine guides and the most famous magazines in the sector boast collaborators who know how to listen to the voice of Bacchus' nectar. From I Vini di Veronelli to Gambero Rosso Slow Food Editore, from I Vini Buoni d'Italia to I Vini d'Italia de L'Espresso and Gambero Rosso, up to the Japanese magazine Winart, the wines presented here have deserved awards and acknowledgments by great prestige.

Having the pleasure of drinking them (someone is still in the cellar) is an indisputable privilege.

These labels are no longer on the market

Love for tradition

Our products are born thanks to the excellence of our grapes and the passion we have always put into our work.

Wine is an experience to be savored slowly and shared: a moment of eternal happiness.

Wine and Enology Professionals

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