It is a great pleasure to announce that the Salvatore Molettieri Winery has been selected from the Guide Vini buona d’Italia 2018 for the quality and excellence of its product.

The guide, the first in Italy dedicated to Italian wines and native vines, has selected 5 varieties from among my best wines from the Molettieri winery:

• Irpinia DOC Aglianico Vigna Cinque Querce 2013 (4 Stars)
• Irpinia DOC Aglianico ‘O Calice Rosso 2014 (4 Stars)
• Irpinia DOC Rosso Ischa Piana 2013 (4 Stars)
• Greco di Tudo DOCG 2015 (3 Stars)
• Fiano di Avellino DOCG Apianum 2015 (2 Stars)

A great honor for the company which once again presents itself as one of the excellences of the Irpinia and Campania region for the production of DOC and DOCG wines, recognized in Italy and in the world.

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