Salvatore Molettieri

Salvatore Molettieri is the Giant of Montemarano’s Aglianico. Its Aglianico boasts a robust flavour, today unknown by Irpinian great wines, but which allows its Taurasi a long life and even after many years, it shows a character that few wines possess. A character that immediately refers to Salvatore, the determined vintner whose feet and heart are firmly rooted in his territory; Montemarano. Son of the most genuine rural tradition, Salvatore has preserved the idea of land as a value, making his vineyards a masterpiece of experience and innovation. Gentleman by nature, he has instilled his strong and kind soul in his production, creating wines which one can only love.

Ripe bunches hang from the rows, aligned on a clayey and low-calcareous soil, with their load of alcohol and natural sugars, they will give off all the balsamic scents at the crushing. Several vineyards are on the highest part of Montemarano hills, where the vines benefit from the continental climate with strong temperature ranges that allow late harvesting and slow aging, a needed refinemet to each bottle to express itself fully.
Cinque Querce vineyard, above all, due to its position and farming techniques used, represents the company’s cru, which in over 15 years it gives freshness and aroma with meditation wines.
Whether is a younger aglianico, or an old-fashioned Taurasi DOCG or even softer as Renonno’s label interpretation riquires; Salvatore Molettieri follows every single creature with careful devotion, which all good fathers put in raising their children. The results speak for themselves: a wine glass of Molettieri at first pleases the sight, with its range of reds, from ruby to orange red, depending on vintages; then with smell that dives into the glass to inhale herbaceous aromas recalling undergrowth or rich scents such as good tobacco, and finally it slowly slides into the mouth, wrapping the whole palate in an overwhelming sensation, from robust sapidity to a fresh and longer finish.
In conclusion, a gift more than a product for those who make out of wine, pure culture.

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